Kyochikuto Flower 

A few years ago, I received a commission from a local pianist to write a piano suite, titled “Hiroshima-Nagasaki”. Kyochikuto flower (oleander flower) is known as the first vegetation that was bloomed only one year after the atomic bomb in Hiroshima. It gave the people of Hiroshima hope. This piece was finished first and presented at Hiroshima-Nagasaki Peace Event this summer, while the other ones are still long way to go. 

Dexter the Cat 

It has been very tough and emotional since last week. Our loving cat, Dexter suddenly got hospitalized because of his chronic kidney failure. He came home on Friday the 20th, but we needed to take him back to the hospital again on Monday the 23rd because his condition suddenly changed. His heart was enlarged and lung had water. We couldn't let him suffer anymore, and decided to put him sleep. It was devastating and heartbreaking. He was a very special cat--always greeted us at the door when we came home…

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