"Sai, Inishie"~Ancient Red, Ni~ for flute and marimba "Sai" is the Chinese character 彩, which means color or coloring. The word, "Inishie" means ancient. This expression is often found in ancient Japanese literature, such as "Manyo-shu." Recently, I have been drawn to express colors with sound. When I heard about the ancient red color, called "Ni (丹)," I wanted to use the idea in my composition, especially knowing how versatile marimba and flute are. "Ni" was an important color for our ancestors-- the color of blood, soil, and even the symbol of something spiritual. This year, Japan is celebrating the 1300th anniversary of the Nara Heijo-kyo capital (the Nara prefecture is next to Kyoto), and my imagination time-traveled to this ancient period in Japan while composing.